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By: Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas | Asked: 05/14/2023
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Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas asked 11 months ago
Hi There Some body know about how to copy and paste an image using the traditional Upload, i mean on my computer first i need to screen capture some, save and then upload, using my ipad when click the upload, you know is just question to take the picture and then is automatic uploaded. I just want to save time on my computer and avoid to save before upload Thanks for your time guys! Regards
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Victor Font answered 11 months ago
This may be more of a question about how operating systems work. It's not something Formidable controls especially on an iPad. The feature your asking about is built into iPad OS. Formidable's upload field is driven by the JavaScript dropzone.js library. I've scanned the documentation at and couldn't find a reference to the iPad behavior you describe. You might have to ask someone that knows your desktop operating system if there's someway to automate an upload after a screen capture using a macro or automation tool.

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