Create a template with uneditable fields?

By: Sam Z | Asked: 07/05/2022
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Sam Z asked 2 years ago
We have a formidible template we've created and we'll get our users to use this template to create forms. There's some fields on the form that should never be deleted or edited (for eg an email field, etc.). Is there a setting to make certain fields in a template not editable by users?  
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
You can disable fields with CSS that will prevent them from being edited or deleted from the front end. I'd be careful that this practice doesn't run afoul of PII data privacy laws. GDPR is generally the model to follow unless your country's laws are more restrictive. In the US, we use the California and GDPR laws as models to assure data privacy protection. In essence, the laws preserve the idea that PII belongs to the individual that provides it. As such, the individual has the right to delete their PII in any system that holds this information regardless of its location in the world. As a general rule, when we build expert business solutions featuring Formidable Forms, we avoid using an individual's PII as an immutable system identifier, opting instead to construct an identifier that does not use PII.

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