Create calculator, send results via email, save emails as leads. Let users create their own forms, track leads from them?

By: Fidan Jovanov | Asked: 12/12/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsCreate calculator, send results via email, save emails as leads. Let users create their own forms, track leads from them?
Fidan Jovanov asked 1 year ago
This might sound a bit too much for a single plugin, but having just obtained Formidable Forms, I'm a bit lost. There's way too much stuff going on and I'm not sure if I can figure out on my own whether I can achieve what I want in the 14 days of refund protection that I have, in case I can't achieve this with FF. The idea is that I will have a calculator that a guest user (no login necessary) will fill in and the result will be sent to their email instead of being shown in the page. Their email needs to be registered as a lead, or stored somewhere.  The other part would be having users (partners) who can create their own forms, but I would need to track the leads they generate.    Too much for Formidable Forms? I'm not looking for a detailed how-to, I'm just interested in an approximation of whether this would be possible with this plugin in a simple and straightforward way.
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Doable, but it's going to take some management on your part and then you would likely have to provide support for the forms they build too. There might be a better options, but not one that I know of. You could have someone completely program you something specific I presume.

Fidan Jovanov replied 1 year ago

Yeah, the idea was to not go for a custom project, will have to try and see what we can achieve with FF

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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
This isn't too much for Formidable, but simple and straightforward, maybe not. It's still a custom project. When you have a public form that does not require registration, you'll most likely get a lot of spam. How to you plan on verifying email addresses? Users will not be able to build their own forms unless they are registered in the system and you grant them access to the forms. Might be best to create a custom role. They will also be able to see all forms that are built and entries that are submitted, not just theirs. You can mitigate this broad access using views. You'll be able to see all entries regardless of who builds the form. If this is too open, you'll have to build a custom security scheme. If you design this properly, it should work well.
Fidan Jovanov replied 1 year ago

Thank you for the information, filling out the forms should be publicly accessible, we can use reCaptcha v2, for the other type of users, we'll have a registration form and they will get an account.

I will play around and see if I get a near result.

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