create connexion between two forms

By: Dev IT | Asked: 10/02/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionscreate connexion between two forms
Dev ITDev IT asked 7 months ago
Make the connection between 2 forms, I have two forms with repeating fields, I would like to remove the repetition of fields and create the connection between the two forms
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
You can't connect forms the way I understand you expressing it here. What is your goal? When you say "2 forms with repeating fields, are you talking about embedded repeater fields with identical content, or two forms that duplicate each other? Is your goal to merge content?
Dev ITDev IT replied 7 months ago

I have two different forms but which have certain fields which collect the same information, I would like that instead of retrieving the same information on the two forms it would be possible to link the forms so that they complement each other.

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