Creating an RSS feed from form entries?

By: Lauren Dot | Asked: 08/30/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsCreating an RSS feed from form entries?
Lauren Dot asked 2 years ago
Hey all,    Looking for some tips on the best wsy (if it's possible) to connect Formidable to an RSS feed. Was using Zapier for a bit but there's too many entries per day so we're way over the free tier.  There's got to be a better way?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
What do you mean by "connect to an RSS feed"? Are you adding content to Formidable from an RSS feed or sending Formidable content to an RSS feed?
Lauren Dot replied 2 years ago

To an RSS feed.

I want the form entries to be displayed in an RSS feed that can be ingested somewhere else


Victor Font replied 2 years ago

Create custom posts with the Create Post add-on that display the content of your entries. They'll automatically be added to your site's WordPress feed when the post is created. Your WordPress feed is /feed/

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