CSV UTF-8 Export Not Working in formidable form

By: Sina Pars | Asked: 04/21/2022
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Sina Pars asked 2 years ago

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get output with UTF-8 encoding for languages such as Persian and Arabic, both in the Import and Export menu and in the Enteries menu and Download CSV button.
Even with this hook, the problem is not solved:

add_filter('frm_csv_format', 'set_frm_csv_format');
function set_frm_csv_format(){
  return 'utf-8';


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Victor Font answered 2 years ago

Exporting from the entries page defaults to UTF-8. By passing utf-8 in lower case, you've overridden the defaults and used a format that doesn't exist. CSV formats are case sensitive. UTF-8 is uppercase. You've disabled it by passing the lower case value.
These are the options that are available with CSV export: UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, windows-1256, windows-1251, and macintosh.

Sina Pars answered 2 years ago

There are no uppercase and lowercase letters in languages like Persian and Arabic !!

Yes, Exporting from the entries page defaults to UTF-8 but it does not work in practice !! That's why I used the suggested hook

And this is a bug and I do not know why this plugin with this age is still not able to get output in Excel (xlsx) format !!!

Do you have a solution to this problem? Or should we migrate for such a simple possibility that all the same plugins are in the basic plans?

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

If it's not working for you, I suggest you contact Strategy 11 support if you have an active paid license. You're issue is beyond the scope of what we can help with as community volunteers without any affiliation with Strategy 11.

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