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By: Konrad Sieracki | Asked: 11/17/2023
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Konrad Sieracki asked 5 months ago
I have filter in formidable view with dynamic field which is date. Options "less than" and "greater than" doesn't work correctly. Only "is equal to" works OK. How to fix it?  
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
If your "Dynamic Data" field is a Formidable Pro Dynamic Field, the entry stored in the database contains the entry id of the date selected from the lookup record. You are comparing an entry id in another form against a date you're passing as the parameter.
Luke M replied 5 months ago

So why comparing with "equal to" works fine ?

Victor Font replied 5 months ago

Without hands on troubleshooting of your system, I can't tell you why or why not your filter works/doesn't work. Examine the data in PHPMyAdmin to make sure you format the parameter correctly. Test your formatting by running your own SQL query in PHPMyAdmin. If everything works as expected with your own SQL, then you need to make sure you've got your form and view setup correctly. If nothing works, open a ticket with Strategy 11.

Luke M replied 5 months ago

<p>I was just wondering about this part of your answer - "You are comparing an entry id in another form against a date you're passing as the parameter". According to formidable docs this sound ok. But still... How is it possible to compare different types of data that "equals to" work ? I will ask Strategy 11 as you suggest.</p>

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