Data with commas is being split up during serialization

By: George Plumley | Asked: 09/26/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsData with commas is being split up during serialization
George Plumley asked 7 months ago
I'm importing some data into a FF form. Among the data is a field for categories. Some of these category names contain commas. I can see in my CSV file that in cases where there's a comma in the name, the spreadsheet program has properly enclosed the data with " marks. When the FF import process takes place, however, FF  splits up the category name at the point where the comma occurs. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?    
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
I never upload CSV content without field delimiters. Your CSV is inconsistent. You have some fields wrapped in quotes and others without. Try wrapping all fields in quotes and use "," as the delimiter like in this example: "field1","field2a,field2b","field3".
George Plumley answered 7 months ago
Thanks for that, Victor. When I look at the Exports generated by FF, I see that they use the delimiter "," so it's my spreadsheet program (Numbers for Mac) which is not maintaining that structure and is exporting with just a , delimiter. I'm not seeing any option for choosing my delimiter, so will look into using another program.

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