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By: Brian Hofmeister | Asked: 10/15/2023
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Brian Hofmeister asked 6 months ago

Hi all,

I’m attempting to make a debate application and wondering how to accomplish this with formidable forms.  (If possible).  Basically a user will submit a topic and then other users will be allowed to comment on that  topic either “for” or “against” that idea.  

Example: User A: submits idea for us to install a fountain in front of city hall.  

User B: responds to that submitted idea with all the reasons it’s a good idea and why it should be passed.

User C: responds to that idea with all the reasons a fountain is a bad idea and why it should be rejected.  

Users D thru Z can post additional comments in support  or against the idea.  

The main view of the submitted idea should have a two links, one showing all the PRO fountain comments and one showing all the NAY fountain comments.  

Is this doable in formidable forms or should I look at a different solution? Thanks! Brian

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Victor Font answered 6 months ago
What you're describing here is a threaded commenting system that allows users to vote "for" or "against" a specific issue and to defend their position in writing. You've picked the right tool in selecting Formidable for your project. Here's a link to a Formidable KnowledgeBase tutorial on how to setup comments to get you started: I'll add further commentary in this answer's comments.
Victor Font replied 6 months ago

You really have a lot of latitude in designing your comments form. If you have the development skills, you can design checkboxes that look like Aye or Nay voting boxes, or however your want to characterize "For" and "Against". You can get pretty creative, if you know how to blend Formidable's output with advanced front end techniques.

With the data you collect from these responses, you can add build charts that demonstrate audience opinion graphically, if that's a goal.

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