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By: Fortune Mutsotso | Asked: 07/02/2024
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Fortune Mutsotso asked 3 weeks ago
I am experiencing an issue with my current Formidable Forms setup involving nested views and detail links. Here is the setup and the issue I'm encountering:   Setup:   Clients View: Displays a list of clients with a detail link. Client Details Page: Contains more client details and a nested view of each client's vehicles. Nested Vehicles View: I am attempting to add a detail link to each vehicle entry. Issue:   When I add a detail link to the vehicle view nested within the client details page, it returns no entries. Here are the steps I have taken so far:   Verified that the detail link in the nested view is configured to pass the correct parameters to the detail page. Ensured that the links are dynamically generated using [detaillink] and other dynamic fields. Double-checked the content section of my view to include all necessary shortcodes and fields. Tested the nested view on a separate page to verify its functionality independently. Despite these efforts, the nested view still does not display any entries when accessed through the client detail page.   Could you please provide guidance or solutions to resolve this issue? Any assistance or troubleshooting steps you can offer would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance for your help.
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 3 weeks ago
I find this interesting because I was just fixing a client's issues regarding nested views and both times the result was that Formidable was returning "No Entries Found" which absolutely wasn't true. I traced both issues to the detail page. Both "problems" should, at the very least, have resulted in an error, rather than "No Entries Found". The first issue was resolved by removing a Detail Link shortcode from the Detail Page, which kinda makes sense that that shouldn't be allowed. The second issue was resolved by recreating (not duplicating) the view and making sure there was nothing in the detail page because the detail page (grid view) had an empty row in it. It seems like a Formidable bug and I suggest that if you have a reproducible case, you save it an report it to FF as a bug. To your issue, in general, I suggest tearing apart the view until the No Entries Found error goes away as a way to figure out what caused it.

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