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By: Jason Ryan | Asked: 06/02/2022
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Jason Ryan asked 2 years ago

Hello community -


In a recent update, this "Applications" feature was added to the plugin and I am mad as hell about it because there is no way to disable it through the plugin itself!! It is very intrusive by adding a new taxonomy to Pages and a new Meta Box to all Pages which will be very confusing to most clients.


This is not a feature that we or our clients would ever use and for something to be added to the plugin with no way to disable it is very very concerning to me. I do not like this one bit. This is not what I paid for.


Has anyone here figured out a way to completely disable this from the plugin on their own? Support has no solution for this other than "rolling back" to previous versions of the plugin which is not ideal because that would mean that we'd have to do this for 200+ websites we manage.


So frustrating.


Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Can you find some "common" CSS that you can apply to hide the new stuff? Not ideal, but maybe a quick fix.

Jason Ryan replied 2 years ago

@Bobby Clapp -

Yeah, definitely not ideal because we are using the plugin on all of our client sites, and it would be a lot of work to go through and add it to all of them, only to remove it all when there is a more viable solution.

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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
The only alternative I see is to remove the Applications menu from the display: add_action( 'admin_menu', 'remove_formidable_applications', 50 ); function remove_formidable_applications() { remove_submenu_page( 'formidable', 'formidable-applications' ); }
Jason Ryan replied 2 years ago

@Victor Font -

Thanks for the snippet, while I am not concerned that it is showing within the Formidable Menu itself, but rather the "sub-page" under "Pages" and the Meta Box that is placed in the Page's Edit view.

Assuming I can just modify the snippet you provided to at least remove the menu item under Pages.

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

You should be able to remove sub-pages and meta boxes using the standard WordPress hooks.

I'd like to offer a different opinion on the Application organizer. I got very excited about this feature when Steve first mentioned it to me a few months ago. I shared what Steve told me with other developers that regularly volunteer to answer questions in the forum. As you are aware, almost everyone that answers questions here is a volunteer. Many of us earn at least part of our income from developing Formidable based applications for paying clients.

The Application Organizer is a powerful feature that allows us to package our applications for sale through 3rd-party marketplaces like I am in the process of deploying on Formidable Masterminds. For any developer that wants to earn recurring revenue from their hard work and innovation, the Application Organizer is the "golden" tool that makes it all possible with little effort. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but it is a step in the right direction to position Formidable as a no-code development environment.

Even before the release of the Application Organizer, Formidable is an extremely powerful application builder that will enable anyone with the know how to develop recurring revenue streams.

Steve WellsSteve Wells answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! We value all feedback and use it to make our product better. 
We have a fix in place to remove our applications from the Pages interface. This will be fixed in the next release. If this only needs to be changed on a site or two, there is a simple one line fix that will be included in the next release. (See screenshot) Additionally, we do also have new permissions settings that allow you to hide the Applications based on user roles. These permissions are found at Formidable > Global Settings > Permissions.    Regarding feedback about Applications or any Formidable Feature: We love it all. We know our plugin is far from perfect. We know there are a million ways it can be improved. One of the big reasons we created this Community site is to foster an environment where we can discuss what's great and what's not great about the plugin so we can make it better together.  We have hired two new developers this past month, so we hope to fix a lot of the nagging issues that have been holding the plugin back. Thanks for bringing this particular issue to our attention. We'll get it fixed in the next release. 

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