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By: Mariyan Hristov | Asked: 05/14/2023
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Mariyan Hristov asked 11 months ago
Hi there, First of all. Greetings for the amazing plugin! I am trying to build something experimental here.   I have a form with images used as radio buttons. And the form can be submitted just once. Then the message for already submitted form appears but I want to show the images to the user again. I built a javascript that will display another duplicate of the form if the original has been submitted. I successfully hid the Submit button, but the thing is that I want to also disable the radio images selection. Is there an easy trick to do that ? Maybe If I use another Styling for the form and disable the colours for selected and hover or just add some custom css to do the trick?   Thanks, Mariyan
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 11 months ago
I've successfully used CSS. pointer-events:none; opacity:0.5;

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