Display file metadata as default value in file upload field

By: Enrico Brugnoni | Asked: 07/20/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsDisplay file metadata as default value in file upload field
Enrico Brugnoni asked 9 months ago

In formidable it's possible to use [user_meta key='user meta'] to display the user meta into a field as default value.

I have a user that has a file for metadata, is it possible to display it in the upload field like you would with a text?

Example (During registration he user uploads a photo assigned to the meta 'profile_picture', is it enough that i put [user_meta key=''profile_picture'] into the dafault value of a upload file field? Because when i do so, a blank file called "doc.svg" appears instead of the file that has been uploaded as meta, could this be an issue with file permissions?)

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 9 months ago
You have to examine the data to see what's actually stored in wp_usermeta for the field value. It's possible, it's just an id to the attachment link. Uploaded fields shouldn't be stored in the database. We only normally see the item_id of the attachment.
Enrico Brugnoni replied 9 months ago

when i try to use that meta into a text field the following appears "file_fcf30066_d9b9a8330b67e6478152c63b45088aad2acfaff1.pdf" so the [user_meta key='user meta'] is actually getting this file, however, it not being displayed and a blank document called "doc.svg" appears, why?

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