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By: Will J | Asked: 06/25/2023
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Will J asked 10 months ago

How do I get a view to only display the most recent entry as, in my form, they change? The only thing I'm finding online says "If you have a Single Entry View and select Entry creation date – Descending, then only the most recent entry will be displayed", but the ID changes with each entry, so not quite sure how that works. Advice plz? Thx!

1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 10 months ago
Trying setting the "Limit" to 1 (in the Advanced Settings) and then set "Sort entries" to Descending by Entry Creation Date.
Asking for A Friend replied 10 months ago

Thanks! There's a way to set a FIELD limit? If so, I'm not finding it in "Advanced" in the Field Options tab. I'm sure I'm missing it, but if you wouldn't mind - where exactly is the limit option? (When I set my FORM limit to 1 it takes my form away after I give 1 response.) Thank you again!

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 10 months ago

It's not a field limit, it's the view limit. In the view's Advanced Settings, there's a limit field that you can set to 1.

Asking for A Friend replied 10 months ago

Awesome! There is a filter in the dropdown that shows "unique (get new entries)" that does exactly that! Woohoo!

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