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By: John Bosley | Asked: 09/11/2023
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John Bosley asked 11 months ago

I'm wondering how to display the various text inputs that a user enters in the "Other" checkbox. Here's how I'd like to use it.  

For product reviews I have checkboxes that users can select all options that they think are applicable. I also want to include an "Other" checkbox where they can input their own option. Let's say these are the checkbox options.  




Other: _______

Let's say User 1 selects Value, Stylish and inputs "fun" in the Other field. Let's say User 2 selects Value, Quality and inputs "yellow".   

I want my results to look like this:

Value: 2

Quality: 1

Stylish:  1

Other: fun - 1, yellow - 1

I already have the count figured out. I just can't figure out how to display the multiple text inputs into the Other checkbox. Is it possible? It currently gets only shows the latest "Other" input.

Eric Ebell replied 11 months ago

You want to do something like this: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/checkboxes-radio-buttons/#kb-display-text-in-between-options

But this doesn't solve your "Other" question.

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