Display Thumbnail Image with a Hyperlink to Same Image but Larger Size

By: Gary Ownsby | Asked: 05/15/2023
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Gary Ownsby asked 11 months ago
Collecting and uploading via a form is easy enough.  I may have missed it, but I don't see a simple way to use a View to display a specifically-sized thumbnail with a hyperlink to the same image but in full size.  This is probably an easy thing; however, I'm new to this software, and I'm scrambling to solve some problems.  Thank you.
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
This Formidable Knowledgebase article explains how to do it. https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/create-a-view/#kb-display-entries-in-a-listing-format-with-images
Gary Ownsby answered 11 months ago
Thank you, Victor. Got that to work; however, the full size of the image does not show even using [99 size=full show_image=1]. In my configuration, the "More Details" link on the Listing Page is used to launch the Detail Page where the larger image is shown but "show=full, show=medium, etc." do not show the real full size of the image.  Is there another parameter to use? Thank you again.
Victor Font replied 11 months ago

You might be bumping into CSS restrictions. The shortcode should work, but if your using a CSS grid and/or flex in your view, the CSS may be limiting the size display because the image is in a container. Examine your view with your browser inspection tool and adjust the CSS if necessary.

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