Does the Export Tables to CSV addon inherit the associated table's filter?

By: Dan Zahlis | Asked: 06/27/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsDoes the Export Tables to CSV addon inherit the associated table's filter?
Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis asked 2 years ago
I would like to include the Export Tables to CSV addon but I want to limit the download to the filtered data of the associated table (vs all form data). I am using a custom user meta field to filter the data table "X is equal to [user_meta key=X]. Will this filter also limit the data included in the CSV download?
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
You can export Views as CSV. See this knowledge base article:
Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis replied 2 years ago

Thank you, Victor.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 years ago
Dan, I highly recommend using Datatables for your table that you want to export, filter, search, etc.  Once you get over a moderate learning curve, it's an awesome resource that you can reuse all over your app. You can check out Chris' tutorial on it here - Or you can email me separately since I know you already have my email address :).
Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis replied 2 years ago

Thanks, Rob. I will check this out. I'm making more progress on my daughter's site and am really loving FF - as you suggested I would.

Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis replied 2 years ago

I should also mention... my original goal was to create a proof of concept site (since I'm a WP newbie).

My daughter's NFP was using duplicate/redundant forms (Gravity Forms) exported to a Google Sheet for therapists to interface and then importing the sheets back into their site. They were using copies of their main form embedded into pages and page permissions to control form access. It was a data integrity and maintenance nightmare. I've been able to eliminate the redundancies and the exports altogether using FF. It's working so well that they will likely adopt the "proof of concept" as their new system. Woo hoo!

If I can find a way to filter the charts/graphs using a custom user meta field, it will be a complete home run. Failure to do so means lots of unnecessary, redundant pages and maintenance because I will be forced to use roles and page/menu permissions to control chart access rather than a simple join (filter) and a single page to display chart data (eg "District" is equal to [user_meta key=user_district]). One of my primary goals was to make the site turnkey so the NFP can manage it themselves. Fewer pages and fewer rules = less maintenance and greater reliability (aka let the DB and tech do the heavy lifting).

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