Double message when redirecting

By: E G | Asked: 11/03/2023
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E G asked 5 months ago
Hello I want to send a person to another form when they have completed the first form.
I have redirect-action as well as confirmation-action (this one you see in green in the picture with starts with "Sucess!".

The problem is that both confirmation action with the sucess message and a redirect message appears.
The redirect message is in english which isnt my users native language. I think i can install a translateplugin and change the english message, but i dont want to install an extra plugin just for that.

Can i change the "Please wait while you are redirected."- message or take it away some how?

Greetings .
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 5 months ago
I suggest using one of the examples here and have only one action on submission.

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