Duplicate entries after import for conditional fields

By: Florian Minck | Asked: 07/02/2024
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Florian Minck asked 3 weeks ago
Hi forum members, I have created a form with conditional logic and now I am getting duplicate entries shown in my results which are not correct.
I tried multiple times to import a new csv file but the result stays the same although the csv file is updated and correct. May I ask if you also faced this problem and how you solved it?
I tried deleting cache from browser and W3, but still the same issue.
Thanks for your help.
Best, Florian
3 Answers
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Florian Minck answered 3 weeks ago
So, I checked this afternoon and found that my import for conditional logic is filled as entries. I just deleted all entries and imported my new csv file and all works as desired and expected now.

So we can close this thread :). Thanks for your help.
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 3 weeks ago
The documentation says, "If an imported form, entry, or View matches the key and creation date of an existing form, entry, or View, the existing item will be updated." Does each entry you're importing have its key column filled in and that key matches an existing entry?
Florian Minck answered 3 weeks ago

Hey @Rob LeVine  well the columns stayed the same, only line items have changed. Now I have multiple entries for the same item with different timestamps. I don't want to update the form itself, just the content for conditional lookup fields.Can I just delete all items with "older timestamps" or how can I set the data to blank to start a new import that matches my current CSV status?


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