Duplicating forms with version references

By: Aaron Taylor | Asked: 11/27/2023
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Aaron Taylor asked 5 months ago

Looking for some advice and guidance as to the best way of accomplishing the following scenario. We need the ability of creating multiple versions of a submitted entry. Obviously you can duplicate the entry in the admin, but is there a way of automatically adding a version reference to it, so it's easily associated with the main initial entry?

Which brings me onto to my next query. The form has a customer reference field, which we've then included in a view so the user can easily identify in a list of their submitted entries. But is it possible to add a column in the admin in the entries list? As currently you can only see the title of the form and it's difficult to easily identify from one another in a long list.



1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago

You can have any kind of reference you want. I suggest creating a custom shortcode to populate the reference field's default value. You can even use a hidden field. Your second questions has been answered here: https://connect.formidableforms.com/question/category/general-questions/entries-default-view/

Aaron Taylor replied 5 months ago

Thank you! Displaying what I need in the admin view worked a treat. I will look into the shortcode option.

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