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By: Michael M | Asked: 05/13/2023
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Michael M asked 11 months ago


The Dynamic Field linked to a Taxonomy source and set for multi-choice has a really nice interface.

As the user types in the field, the known Taxonomy items appear to prompt & help the user to make a choice.

Is it possible to allow the user to type a new value that doesn't already exist in the database, and then on submission it gets added to the known list of Taxonomy items in the database?

The screenshot illustrates that we'd like to chose a couple known items for a Taxonomy called "Language", and also allow the user to type a "NewValue" if their language of choice does not already exist in the database.


Plan. B

Trying another way I tried the Tags field and mapped it to the same taxonomy source.

That does allow the NewValues to be stored to the database, BUT it doesn't show the existing values as the user starts typing in the box, so I think we'd end up with too many spelling variants/etc...

It would be nice to achieve a functionality that combines the best of both the Tags and Dynamic Fields ! Using wordpress hooks not a problem if required & possible to solve that way.

Any ideas?  


Rudi JvR replied 11 months ago

I have the same requirement for a form I'm busy developing.

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