Dynamic fields not working unless in private mode

By: Gary McParland | Asked: 05/10/2022
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Gary McParland asked 2 years ago


Dynamic fields have stopped populating in my form.

When the form was first set up I had four fields, one after the other. The first is a dynamic drop-down that lets me pick an option that has been entered into another form. The 3 remaining fields then auto populate with the correcponding data fields from the other form. The last three fields are dynamic list fields.

All of a sudden now when I select an option from the first drop-down fields it no longer populates the next three fields with data, they don't show up in the form at all. Sometimes one might show up but not others. When the form is submitted this data is therefore missing.

The form is submitted from the same browser and computer a couple of times per day. I tried the browser in private browsing mode and it works okay but as I have a lot of users of this form submitting entries a few times per day I'd prefer not to ask them to use private browsing mode as they may forget and lots of information will be missed.

If I clear the browser cache the issue resolves but again not a long-term solution to ask users to keep clearing their cache.

Interestingly the issue appears to be associated with a cache of the form. If I create a new wordpress page with the same embedded form without clearing the browser cache I get the same issue even thought it's a new page, it won't load the corresponding dynamic list fields. 

Can I prevent a browser caching the form

Any other solutions that would treat the form as new each time it is accessed?



1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
Caching is always a problem for dynamically generated data pages. I just worked on a small project for a client where he had 2 different caching plugins enabled. Talk about a data display mess! If you are using a caching plugin, you should be able to exclude any Formidable form/view from the cache. If you are not using a caching plugin or if your site is on SiteGround or uses Cloudflare, you'd have to exclude the content at the server level.

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