E-Mail: How to style the message but also add the uploaded files

By: Tobias Sanders | Asked: 04/13/2024
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Tobias Sanders asked 1 month ago
Hello, we're requesting online applications from our students where they have to fill out a form and also upload some documents.  After submitting the form the user and our office get an email. Therefore I added two seperate "Send E-Mails" under "Actions and messages" (hope that is translated correctly). The email to our office is send via the [default-message] shortcode. The office gets the data and also the uploaded files in an email.
Now they're asking for a styled version of the data. I would therefore switch to "text" view, delete the [default-message] shortcode and enter every single field and some inline CSS. My problem: Although I can select the upload field via the ... in the bottom corner I'm not sure if the files are attached or the links to the files are embedded. Our office would like to get the files. They don't want to click on a link to download each single file. Any idea how I can embed the files directly so that they receive them in the email? Cheers  
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 month ago
There are three options for your. See this for option 1: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/file-upload/#kb-display-images. Option 2 is to create a view and display the email contents that way. Option 3 is create your own shortcode and customize the HTML any way you want with custom PHP.
Tobias Sanders answered 1 month ago
Hey Victor, thanks for the quick reply.  Option 1 sound good. So I just add this
[x show_image=1]

(where x is the id of my multi-file upload field)
in the e-mail and the files (pdfs and images) will be attached to the email?

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