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By: Alan Kindree | Asked: 02/24/2023
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Alan KindreeAlan Kindree asked 1 year ago
This is what I see.  Is this my fault or formidable forms? I can't edit any views.  They all display like that no matter the browser, plugin update, re-install and computer restart. Cheers Alan    
Kingsley Seiler replied 1 year ago

I have the exact same Issue Alan, If you find a solution id love to know, Thank you

Alan KindreeAlan Kindree replied 1 year ago

I don't know if it is the best answer but it worked for me. I deleted formidable lite and pro. I rolled back to 5.5.7 for the lite and the pro. I created a new user, gave them admin privileges and then forgot about going into the server to prevent updating plugins. Next day it failed again. I did it again and then told the server not to update all my plugins. So far as long as I login with my alternate admin it is working and I update plugins manually.

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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
I have not seen that issue. I had an issue with views where the scrollbar wouldn't come up, so there was no way to scroll down. I have to fake a CSS setting to get it to work. I filed a support request with FF and gave them credentials to login to my site. The support person sent me a video showing that he saw it correctly. He suggested clearing out caches. I tried that with no immediate effect, but a few days later it "went away". So my suggestion to you is to try cleaning the hell out of your caches, both server-side and browser and see if that helps. If not, file a support request and give them a login.
Alan KindreeAlan Kindree replied 1 year ago

Thank you Rob I will try that.

Alan KindreeAlan Kindree replied 1 year ago

I did. Formidable told me that my grandfathered updates will stop as when they changed to views that was not grandfathered in so I have to get a new license to continue....or at least that was my interpretation of this message that now locks grandfathered clauses which I think is a change that I disagree with.

Hi Alan,

I do apologize, I'd forgotten that you have a grandfathered license.

With the changes our admin team introduced soon after your last message, all grandfathered licenses are now locked. You retain what you always had, but it is no longer possible to upgrade or renew the license.

To access new add-ons, you would need to purchase a new/separate license.

Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.


Kingsley Seiler replied 1 year ago

This is quite upsetting as we used our Grandfather licenses for simple listings. The original licence included views and it should still do so.

"You retain what you always had"?
I do not have access to views, which I always had... so that is an incorrect statement.

Any new features, sure, make us pay for them ( and we are 100% happy to do so), but if you remove the basic views functionality away from our grandfather licenses then this is not acceptable and bad business.

Highly disappointed... (12 years I've been your client)

@Alan - Thank you very much for your suggestions, none of that is a viable solution. Ideally there should be a legacy views that we can still use to edit our original view

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

@Kingsley Seiler, you can download legacy views on your account download page: https://formidableforms.com/account/downloads/

Kingsley Seiler replied 1 year ago

@Victor Font , There is no legacy views on the downloads page, just older versions of formidable down to version 4.11? are you referring to these versions of formidable pro that contain the legacy views?

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

You don't see this at the bottom?

Formidable Legacy Views
Download v4.0.04

If you're not seeing this, perhaps your license doesn't include it. You'll have open a ticket with Strategy 11 to find out why you can't access it.

We've never personally experienced problems editing a Classic View in the Visual Views add-on regardless of the version, nor have we experienced the screen display you have. A lot of people that post here and in other forums fixed similar problems by clearing caches or trying a different browser. Others have fixed the problem by fixing unrelated jQuery errors reported in their browser console.

If all else fails, open a support ticket. It's beyond our capacity as volunteers to help you further.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Also as an FYI, Visual Views should be available as a downloadable add-on for any Formidable Pro Plus license or above. Did you check the Formidable add-on page in WordPress admin? It seems like something was missed somewhere.

Visual views also allows you edit Classic (legacy) views.

Kingsley Seiler replied 1 year ago

<p>No, i don't see it on the downloads page. I have the Formidable Pro Business Package - grandfather licence. I'll submit a ticket. Also on the add-on's in admin, the visual views wants the "plus" package to install it, however I'm on the pro business. I assume this is due to me being on a grandfather licence. Understandable.I will definitely update the thread if a solution is found. I appreciate your help and time</p>

Kingsley Seiler replied 1 year ago

latest update contained a fix. Thank you

"v6.1.2 - Fix: The page layout of the legacy views editor was broken."

After some juggling around with the silly blocks I was able to get in and out of the detailed pages and save the listing.

Steve Williams answered 1 year ago
I've had the same issue, but have downloaded Legacy views. Unfortunately this does not resolve the problem. I'm pretty disappointed to be honest with this and although will not replace Formidable, I won't buy the subscription licence as I can't afford it. I will just find alternate ways to display the content on my site. It's a shame and I do like Formidable, but the cost is beyond me.
Alan KindreeAlan Kindree answered 1 year ago

When I bought formidableforms, well over a decade ago, the "one time" price was a big selling point for me.  I too am too deep into using formidableforms to change and as a retired paramedic am not wealthy enough for the upgrade.  I am very disappointed with this sales strategy by formidableforms.  My work around of downgrading to 5.5.7 to pro and lite, and creating new user with admin privileges worked for me for views but not to restore my trust.  Here is my site that I have been working on for years to create a higher quality of life for people with disabilities.  If you want to help, let me know. https://piratedivebar.com

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

"Retired Paramedic" Alan, I'm also a retired paramedic.

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