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By: Bud Buckwell | Asked: 09/30/2023
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Bud Buckwell asked 7 months ago

We have never had any significant issues with Formidable - have recently encountered the following.  We have a form for member information which can only be updated (front end) by the member or the admin.  Just recently (no changes to the form), the admin can not edit the other member\\\'s forms.  The attached jpg shows what is presented and when the view button is pressed, an edit option is available but returns to the same presentation.  The member can update their own entry without problem.  We have tried copying the form and populating it with a csv download and import.  Nice form but with the same result - have created anew form with the same permissions restrictions and all is well.  We could certainly start it from scratch but this form is used everywhere in the webpage.  Does anyone have any pointers / suggestions / comments? Thanks Bud

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 7 months ago

Two things:
1. Post a screenshot of the Form->Settings->Form Permissions screen.
2. Your attachment doesn't look like what I would call "Front End" editing. That looks like what the admin sees.with admin.php in the URL

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Bud Buckwell answered 6 months ago

Sorry, you're right - it is the admin view - you already knew that.  See attached for the permissions on the formThanks for looking 

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 6 months ago

I got nuthin'. It sounds like a matter for FF support. From the backend, which is independent of the form permissions, you should be able to edit any entry. The only thing I can think of is that you have some PHP code somewhere that's messing with it. Maybe you can try disabling that code if you have any. Another question that's not explicitly answered in your original question - is this happening with ALL of your forms or just this one?

Bud Buckwell answered 6 months ago
Just the one form but it also happens to the be only one that has admin permission requirement for editing other member entries.  No code and new tables with admin requirement (testing) work just fine.  I'm going to do a little testing with front end editing as a work around. Thanks for looking.
Bud Buckwell answered 6 months ago

As a quick follow-up.  Just out of curiosity, I zoom out on the browser and above the previously shared image is the action form data with a small (shrunken screen) scroll bar.  Really odd but it's there but hidden.   Again, thanks for the help


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