By: David Costin | Asked: 04/20/2024
David Costin asked 1 month ago
I have a form that has page breaks. I have a view that allows editing with the following command: - [editlink label="Edit" prefix="frm_container_" fields="14135,14143,14144"] When the user edits his entry, only field [14135] shows along with the command 'Next'. When the user clicks 'Next' the entry updates and does not move on to the next page to show the remaining editable fields ( 14143,14144). Is there any way to change this? David
3 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 month ago
Are one of those fields the page break between the fields that need to be edited? If not, maybe include the page break field ID.
David Costin answered 1 month ago
Many thanks for your reply and advice. Yes, there is a page break between the fields that need to be edited.  I did try as you suggested and included the page break field, unfortunately this did not work. Regards David  
Bobby Clapp replied 1 month ago

The last thing I've got is maybe hooking all the fields to the last page of the form as a review. Here is an example of that: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/frm_get_paged_fields/#kb-show-all-fields-on-the-final-page-of-a-multi-paged-form

David Costin answered 4 weeks ago
Thank you for your reply, I gave that a try, not quite what I wanted (but it is a useful snippet).  Many thanks for all your suggestions. Regards David

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