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By: Frank Galvin | Asked: 03/08/2023
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Frank Galvin asked 1 year ago

I'm currently using Bluehost to host two domains  for example domain A and domain B .   Domain A is the primary domain and domain B is the addon domain.  When I send an email form the Domain B website, it goes to the correct email address for Domain B but the email says it's coming VIA Domain A. Bluehost is adamant that the problem is Formidable forms. They say that the plugin is defaulting to the primary Domain A for the email. On all other Bluehost platforms where I have just one primary Doman , this problem doesn't happen.   Any Ideas ??? 


I'm currently using divi. As a test I created a divi contact form and the email used the correct domain. In other words, the email was signed by the correct domain. This clearly point to a problem with formidable forms.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

"They say that the plugin is defaulting to the primary Domain A"

Who are "they" that are saying this? They are wrong. Formidable is not domain aware. When an email is sent from Formidable, any reference to the domain you see in an email is coming from the [admin_email] shortcode that looks up the email from the Administration Email Address field on the WordPress General Settings screen. There is only one value for this field.

Also, Formidable uses the built-in WordPress emailing functions to send messages. If you're not seeing the correct admin emails being sent in your messaging, it's a WordPress issue, not something you can fix through Formidable.

My suggestion is that you write your own shortcode to replace the [admin_email] shortcode that chooses the email you want to display based on the sending domain. Make sure your DNS records have SPF, DKIM, and DMARC entries for both domains or your emails will very likely be treated as spam.

Frank Galvin replied 1 year ago

They is Bluehost second level support

Frank Galvin replied 1 year ago

<p><p>What concerns me is that the correct domain name is signed when using the DIVI contact form but Formidable contact form does not. All of my websites that only have one domain on the hosting platform work fine with formidable, but if I have more than one domain they do not.</p><p>I have been using formidable for many years and I like it alot however It's hard to argue with Bluehost on this issue when the email is signed with the correct domain using the DIVI contact form and I also tried wp forms.  </p></p>

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Formidable is not a page builder and shouldn't be expected to work like one. Formidable is an advanced application development tool that uses native WordPress functions to retrieve the admin email address as I previously explained. If you want to change that behavior, you have to create your own custom shortcode. If you don't like the way Formidable integrates with WordPress, the answer is simple, continue to use Divi for your forms and get what you want. You'll be locked into Divi for life, but that's completely your choice. Good luck solving this.

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