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By: Barbara Brennan | Asked: 09/02/2022
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Barbara Brennan asked 2 years ago
This is so frustrating. Email notifications from my forms are working perfectly to the "To" address but neither the cc or bcc addresses are receiving copies. Has anyone else experienced this? I have tried everything I can think of and am now just about to delete all Formidable plugins and start again. BUT if anyone has a bright idea I would be so grateful.   Many thanks Barbara
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
It's easy to think email issues lie within Formidable. Formidable does not have its own built-in email sender. It uses whatever is setup in WordPress as the email sender. How are you sending emails? Are you using an SMTP client or native WordPress/PHP sendmail? Before you trash your Formidable setup, which most likely has nothing to do with email send failures, I suggest you install the WP Mail Log plugin so you can see if the emails are being sent from the server successfully. If they are leaving your server, then your email delivery issues are outside of your control. In which case, make sure your domain has proper the proper dmarc, spf, and dkim settings.
Barbara Brennan replied 2 years ago

Hi Victor. Thank you for your response. I am using Easy WP SMTP. All emails are sending and arriving at the "To" address. However they do not arrive at either cc or bcc addresses on the form settings. I sent a test email from Easy WP SMTP with a default bcc address and that arrived. So it figures it is a form issue. I made a new form - same problem.
I have other sites set up the same way and this problem does not appear hence my thinking I need to uninstall Formidable and start again. Just worried I'll mess up the Registration.

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

You really need to review a send mail log to see if they are leaving your server. When troubleshooting an issue like this, you really have to see if they are leaving your server. If they are leaving your server, they diliverability lies elsewhere, not with Formidable or WordPress.

Barbara Brennan replied 2 years ago

Thank you Victor. I'll do that after a large coffee!

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