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By: andrew Olson | Asked: 11/05/2023
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andrew Olson asked 8 months ago
I am using the plugin Simple Calendar to view a Google Calendar I have.  It Provides me with a grid view of upcoming calendar ev events. What I would like to do is then embed the calendar view into a Formidable form I have so that I can view all the upcoming appointment.  I have tried the shortcut ID and the URL but that does not do anything. I may be doing the URL wrong as when I bring in the URL field and add the link in the default all I see on the form is the link information : "Https:/htown......." and not the actual page.   Can I embed a Simple Calendar into a form? What am I missing here?   
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 8 months ago
To show something via a shortcode, you can use an HTML field and put the shortcode in as its Content. I just tried it and it works. The Website/URL field is for inputting a URL, not for displaying the site pointed to by the URL.

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