Entry creation not bringing Avada theme settings into post

By: Andrew Christensen | Asked: 04/28/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsEntry creation not bringing Avada theme settings into post
Andrew Christensen asked 12 months ago
We use Avada Theme and Formidable. We created a view and in the Avada settings at the bottom of the view creation page, there's a series of tabs with settings for the view (primarily background colors in the Layout and Content sections, but also all the Post tab configs like showing meta tags etc). I set all the settings the way I want them.

In the form settings for an event, I set the actions to create a Post and it puts in the view that I created. The post is created but none of those settings are copied into the Post. I have to manually go in and update all the settings on every post. What can we do to fix this?
Victor Font replied 12 months ago

I would check with your Avada support team to see if there's a hook you can use. Formidable is not theme specific.

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