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By: Andres Garcia | Asked: 07/18/2023
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Andres Garcia asked 9 months ago

I have a form that contains the fields: Store, Date, UPC, Qty. How do create a list that includes one instance of each unique combination of the 'Store' and 'Date' fields. For example, if these were my entries in my database:

Store, Date, UPC, Qty
1, 2023-01-05, 12345, 5
1, 2023-01-05, 8675309, 12
1, 2023-01-05, 123254, 3
2, 2023-01-05, 12423, 6
2, 2023-02-01, 42323, 13

Then I would like a listing showing just:
1, 2023-01-05
2, 2023-01-05
2, 2023-02-01

1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 9 months ago
I was hoping someone else would answer and since that didn't happen, I'll give my standard answer on how to accomplish complex stuff in a view. Create a view and set the view's main content to be a custom shortcode. The shortcode's PHP can execute the necessary queries to generate the data and you can return back the HTML to generate the table rows. That is one way to accomplish it.

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