-entry_count- for search form returns total entries when no entries are found

By: Kianush Dixon | Asked: 10/18/2022
ForumsCategory: General questions-entry_count- for search form returns total entries when no entries are found
Kianush DixonKianush Dixon asked 1 year ago

Hey all,

This is a new issue with a recent Formidable updates.

I created a search form and passed the parameters to a form view. When there is no match, it displays the total entry count plus all the entries. However, when there is a match, it does display the entry count [entry_count] correctly. 

I referred to this knowledge base to filter the entries by setting default to \"none\" for empty parameters like below:

[get param=\"param_name\" default=\"none\"]  (minus the escapes)

I have already submitted a support ticket to Formidable and they were able to replicate the issue. In the meantime, does anyone have a good solution to patch this?


P.S.  The site is a private intranet so I cannot post a url to it. A screenshot of the view filter is attached.  


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