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By: Phil Cox | Asked: 10/01/2022
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Phil Cox asked 2 years ago

Hi Team, not sure whether to go public on the Facebook group with this one so I thought I'd try the more focused expertise on this group first.

A client has requested that entries for a particular form are automatically emailed in MS-Word format, so that his staff can add/modify paragraphs before sending it on to the next step in the workflow.  I'm familiar with doing this as pdf but MS-Word is a different challenge as I don't believe FFPro can export in this form.  Has anyone experience of this?

It's quite an extensive form, so even setting up all the fields in e2pdf would be quite a task. I've looked at the possibility of going FFPro -> wpDataTables -> wpReportBuilder but we then lose a lot of the FFPro automation once we get to wpDataTables.

Any thoughts where to go with this one, or am I thinking about it the wrong way?



2 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
I don’t ever remember anyone ever asking about converting to Word. There are quite a few plugins that convert WordPress posts to Word docs, but have never heard of anything that converts Formidable data to a Word doc. I suppose it’s possible, though. If you use a plugin that converts posts, Formidable can create posts that can then be converted to a Word doc. Doing it any other way requires custom code. 
Phil Cox replied 2 years ago

Thanks, Victor. I'll have a look at the posts option.

Brad Sperr answered 2 years ago
You can do this using Make (formerly Integromat).  If you set up a form action to send the entry data to Make (either through a webhook or mailhook) you can create a Google Doc using that data.  Then, you can download that Google Doc in a .docx format and email it to the client.
Phil Cox replied 2 years ago

That sounds interesting, Brad. I haven't used Make/Integromat before. I'll see if the forums on their site can help. Thanks for the pointer.

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