Feb 16 update to 6.0 breaks wp-admin CSS in "build" view

By: Dana Whittle | Asked: 02/16/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsFeb 16 update to 6.0 breaks wp-admin CSS in "build" view
Dana WhittleDana Whittle asked 1 year ago
After updating Formidable Forms Pro to 6.0 today on two different servers, the "build" view is broken (see attached screenshot). I have verified this on several sites and those that did not yet get the upgrade are fine. Has anybody else experienced this (before I try to submit a support ticket)?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago

I've upgraded over 2-dozen sites with 6.0.1 and not one of them is displaying the builder incorrectly. Formidable now activates distraction free mode when using the builder. There's no way to deactivate it yet. So the question is what's different about your sites that are causing this issue? It could be caching, a plugin conflict, or a conflict with your theme. Do you know how to use WordPress debug?

Dana WhittleDana Whittle replied 1 year ago

That was the answer - the annoying default to distraction free mode. I have a snippet in functions to prevent Formidable from collapsing my menu on the left, a super annoying default that drives me nuts. I use that snippet on every site with Formidable because that is something that I should decide, not the plugin. Thanks for leading me to the answer, though!

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

There's another thread here about it. In Gutenberg, when distraction free is on, you can use shift-command-backslash to turn it off. The keystrokes don't work in Formidable. I've worked with Formidable since its early days and it has evolved into a best in class development tool that is without peers. The Strategy 11 developers are extremely responsive and hear the community. If there's something that needs to be fixed, just be patient. I'm sure the dev team with address it.

Steve WellsSteve Wells replied 1 year ago

Yep, glad you got it worked out...As Victor said our dev team is listening to feedback and working out the best way to handle distraction free mode going forward.

To be honest, this "feature" was kinda slipped in last minute and didn't get the testing and usability attention it needs. Apologize that this change impacted your sites in a negative way.

We are gathering feedback and ideas and will work out a better solution going forward.

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