FF Security - How to make forms & data more secure?

By: Fabian Pontén | Asked: 09/14/2021
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Fabian PonténFabian Pontén asked 3 years ago
Hello Formidable Community! Currently building a form with FF that collects form submissions from our users and displays the entries on a page using Views. The results are currently private to the user by setting a Filter in Views for "User ID is equal to current_user", so it does not display openly on the web. Is there something else we can/should do to make the forms/user data safer other than basic security steps such as HTTPS, strong passwords, good/private host & keeping WP files updated? The form will only be accessible with a paid membership via a reputable membership plugin, so spam shouldn't be an issue. It's more a question of keeping each individual's user data and form submission data private and secure. We will also use a reputable WP security plugin for increased security. Any information is appreciated, thank you so much!

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