File upload field doesn't allow MP4 with high bit rate

By: Dean Loh | Asked: 10/27/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsFile upload field doesn't allow MP4 with high bit rate
Dean LohDean Loh asked 6 months ago
In my form I have the file upload field which I have set to allow only MP4 and M4V. Someone tried to upload an MP4 file today but got the error saying "You do not have permission to upload this file". The user eventually sent us the file via email for us to investigate, that's when I realized the only difference the file has was that it's encoded in 383kbps bit rate, while all the previously successfully uploaded MP4 files by other users were all at 128kbps. Now I wonder: Is there something we can do on our side here to allow MP4 files of higher bit rate? Where do we go to set that?

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