File upload timeout issue

By: Frank Galvin | Asked: 04/10/2023
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Frank Galvin asked 1 year ago
I have users that are complaining that the file upload times out after 30 seconds. It this a wordpress issue or formidable setting that i can change?
Frank Galvin replied 1 year ago

this fixed my problem: It looks like at some time in the past, the HTML for your file upload fields was changed, and simply resetting it fixes the issue. If you go to your form settings and click on the "Customize HTML" tab you can scroll through the list of fields. Delete ALL the content in the boxes for the upload fields and save your changes - this will reset it to the default.

Frank Galvin replied 1 year ago

Hi Victor.. I tried that first and it did not solve the problem. The problem was solved when I cleared the content in the upload field and then deleted the file upload and re-added it to the form .

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

You problem is neither WordPress nor Formidable. The 30-second limit is the default PHP script execution time. You need to change it. See this:

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