File uploads when using form abandonment addon

By: Wolfgang Piller | Asked: 05/17/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsFile uploads when using form abandonment addon
Wolfgang Piller asked 1 month ago
Hi there! We need to set up a long extensive form with all fields required for which we are planning to use the Save and Continue Form Submissions feature. The form itself is used to create a custom post type entry, if all data/fields are being submitted. However, the form also has a couple of fields where users need to upload PDF files. My questions: A) Will any file upload(s) be stored (processed/uploaded) also when the Save Draft button is clicked and will they show up, if the user returns to the form later on via the link to the draft? If not, is there a way e.g. via custom code to achieve this? B) Is it possible to provide the user with the recovery link (to continue filling out the form) displayed after save AND also sent via email (both options at the same time) Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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