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By: Andy Friid | Asked: 04/01/2023
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Andy Friid asked 1 year ago
Hello! I want to filter a view to a certain user id, but can't get it to work. Was trying with get param first, and i can see that the value is getting sent, but still shows "no entries". Tried to write the specific user id in the filter, still shows "no entries" The only one i get to work is current_user. What am I doin wrong to get User id filtering to work?
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Let's start with a little checklist.

1. Are the users registered and logged-in when completing the form?
2. Are you saving the user_id as a form field?
3. Have you checked in PHPMyAdmin to make sure the user id you want to filter is stored with the rest of the form data?

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

What you describe in your post is what developers do all the time. Filtering by user ID is a common requirement. It sounds like you are using the correct processes so the logical place to look is the data. Make sure the data you are trying to filter on is in the database, then we can go from there. 

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