Force refresh of all dynamic fields on form?

By: Bob Landolfi | Asked: 08/03/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsForce refresh of all dynamic fields on form?
Bob Landolfi asked 9 months ago

Hi, I have a form that uses an entries database from another form (200 entries) to populate 3 dynamic fields. Field A determines the lookups in dropdown for B, B determines the lookups in Field C, and selecting C should be sufficient to identify D, E, and F. But what I'm finding is if  D, E, and F are all dynamic as intended, only D and E update, not F. F will refresh if the page validates with an error or after submit, but I want F to show simultaneously with D and E. I can work around this by making the user choose D as well as A, B, C, but there is always only one D choice, so there isn't much point in making the user do that. Is there anything I can do in the fields themselves or with page settings to ensure that all 3 dynamic fields get updated at once?

Bob Landolfi replied 9 months ago

Never mind! Pilot error! There were too many conditions on Field F (It was dependent on A-D when it should have been only A-C).

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