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By: Randy Murray | Asked: 11/16/2023
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Randy Murray asked 5 months ago
Randy Murray replied 5 months ago

It seems like a simple thing to do but I am having trouble. How do I auto count the total number entries submitted via a form and then display that total on a home page? example is 10 forms submitted and the total shows in a defined section on the home page. thanks

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 5 months ago

You can create a custom shortcode like the following:
function my_entry_count($atts){
$entries = FrmEntry::getAll(array('it.form_id' => X)); // replace X with your form id
return count($entries);

Victor Font replied 5 months ago

You can also use FrmEntry::getRecordCount(" = '84'"). Replace the '84' with your form id.

Randy Murray replied 5 months ago

Thank you both. Got it.

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