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By: Michael Berry | Asked: 10/16/2023
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Michael Berry asked 6 months ago

I've installed the Bootstrap Modal and User Registration add-ons. I've edited the Global Settings -> Message Defaults -> Login Message to this message:  Please *register/sign in* to access this form.


Using this example, I changed the message to:


"Please [frmmodal-content label="Register/Sign in"][frm-login][/frmmodal-content] to access this form." 


On one of my pages in the Gutenberg editor, I added a Bootstrap modal block with a form ("Business Listings") that is only visible to logged-in users.


If I'm NOT signed in and I click the button ("Submit a Business Listing") that opens the modal with the "Business Listings" form, I see the "Register/Sign In" link.


When I click on that "Register/Sign In" link, I see the sign in form in the modal. So far so good.


However, after logging in, I no longer see the original form ("Business Listings") in the modal.


Here's the page with the form:


Any idea on how I can configure the login form to re-open the "Business Listings" form modal after I login?

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