Form Submit Google Tag manager issue

By: Nadia Loosli | Asked: 02/17/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsForm Submit Google Tag manager issue
Nadia LoosliNadia Loosli asked 1 year ago
Hi! I am new to fomridable comunity - but not new to formidable. I am having a very specific issue with form submit and google Tag Manager, maybe somebody has had a simular question or issue? I am setting up Google ADs, we would like to track People who are submitting ads on my website, two things came up:
- On form submit 3 pushes are beeing fired to tagmanager, we would prefere 1 push to datalayer does anybody know a solution?
- And we would like to track if a specific checkboxoption is clicked, would you know, i have no clue where to start looking...
Have a good Day! Nadia

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