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By: S. J. | Asked: 08/29/2023
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S. J. asked 11 months ago
HI,   is it possible to use FF as a database.... Example Form 1 = Database just storing Data into it Form 2 = User input from FrontEnd tp fill submitted Data into the Database Form Form 3 = get Data from Database Form and allow users to change there own entry   thx
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
This is exactly what Formidable is for.
S. J. answered 11 months ago
great but i can`t understand how can i do that... i`ve found this video tutorial but there i can`t see how to insert data into the databse form
S. J. replied 11 months ago

<p>the question is how i can connect the input Fields from the FrontEnd Form with the Database Form to insert data</p>

Victor Font replied 11 months ago

When you create a form, it's already connected to the database. The steps are:

1. create a form
2. add the form to a page or post
3. Have a user enter data. When the submit button is clicked, the data is written to the database.

This is where you can start:

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