Formidable button style not being applied to default form search

By: Eoghan O\'Sullivan | Asked: 12/13/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsFormidable button style not being applied to default form search
Eoghan O\'Sullivan asked 4 months ago
Hello, There are two forms above a Formidable View on this page: Both forms are inserted using a Shortcode block. The Search form (currently with a Black submit button) uses this shortcode: <div class="with_frm_style"><div class="frm_submit">[frm-search]</div></div> The Filter form (currently with a Blue submit button) uses this shortcode: [formidable id=4] In the Formidable Styles menu under the Buttons section, the box "Disable submit button styling" is NOT checked. I would like both buttons to use the Formidable styling, which would mean they would both be blue like the one on the right. But the Search button seems to be taking its styling from another set of CSS. Is there a way to force the Search form inserted using the shortcode to use Formidable styles? Thanks, Eoghan
Eoghan O'Sullivan replied 4 months ago

<p>In the end, I've had to change the Formidable button style to match the one that is being given to the Search button (black with square corners). But the original question remains - how can the Search form be made to use Formidable's styles?</p>

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