formidable form get input value from other field of same page

By: Maeen Uddin | Asked: 10/17/2021
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Maeen Uddin asked 3 years ago
In formidable forms. How i can set one input field value to the other field in a same page. Lets assume that i want to copy the id "sfryw" field to another field in same page so i wrote [frm-field-value field_id=sfryw user_id=current] in the default value section of other field. But here the value is coming from the previous submit . It's not comig from the current real time . It will be helpful for  me if anybody can tell me how can it be done .
Massimiliano Mollo replied 1 year ago

you solve?

5 Answers
Chris AdamsChris Adams answered 3 years ago

Hi Maeen,

If you want to use the value from one field in another field in the same form you can just put the field ID shortcode (e.g. [123]) in as the default value.

There's more about it here:

Gerry Bolger answered 2 years ago
Can you do that from one form to another?
Gerry Bolger replied 2 years ago

Would that be how to carry forward a user who had already completed a form?

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

No. Changing default values is a "going forward" proposition.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 11 months ago
If you're using HTML fields and want to use the shortcodes of other fields in the HTML field, the easiest way I've found is to use page breaks: the HTML field with shortcodes must come in a page *after* the fields you'd like to carry forward.   Hope this helps :) 
Ronald Hawley replied 2 weeks ago

Just wanted to say how helpful this was for me. I was trying to use an existing date field in an HTML field and it wasn't working which was driving me bonkers. I had the HTML field in a different section, but putting it after a page break allowed the date field from the previous page to finally show up in my HTML field! Thanks!

Josen Ruiseco answered 1 week ago
It appears that this issue was never resolved.  I want to auto-populate an entered value in the same form into a field that is later down in the same form.  How can this be done?   
Ron H replied 1 week ago

<p>It was answered by Michael. You must insert a page break somewhere after the original field but before where you want that original field's value to be put into a different field. So, you cannot have an entered value repeated into another form field if both fields exist on the same page. Put a page break between the two fields and it works perfectly.</p>

Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 1 week ago

Welcome, @Ron H. Glad you found it useful. I use the technique like a mini, running summary field without all the overhead of a summary field, and way more flexibility, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with a little css (and maybe some html, for the brave at heart, LOL).

Josen Ruiseco answered 1 week ago
I misunderstood that answer. Thank for your reply!

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