Formidable Form's 2023 Black Friday Sale!

By: Formidable Team | Asked: 11/06/2023
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Formidable Team asked 5 months ago

Hello Formidable Community!

This is a bit of a secret, but we thought we’d tell you early: our Black Friday sale starts next week! We’re gonna have up to 65% discounts on Formidable Forms, and we’re having a huge giveaway of an M2 MacBook Air and multiple copies of Formidable Elite!

We know you love Formidable Forms. And you're probably already telling your friends about it. So why not make some cash from that word of mouth with this MASSIVE sale by becoming an affiliate? You get 20% of every sale you send our way. And with our big discount and giveaway, you won’t have a better chance to send some sales our way (and money your way) than this month! Click here to sign-up:

While we’re super excited too, we ask you don’t mention the sale to anyone until it goes live on Monday the 13th.

Thank you so much for being Formidable Forms users! We hope you and yours have a great holiday season.

-Formidable Team

Shawn Pery replied 5 months ago

How do we renew our subscription at the Black Friday rate? My subscription is expiring today, and showing set to renew at the full price. Do I need to cancel subscription and purchase again?

Formidable Team replied 5 months ago

You should contact our accounts team from the new ticket form on so we can assist you. The Black Friday promotion only applies to new purchases and upgrades and isn't available for renewals.

Reach out and we can look at your account and assist with the best course of action.

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