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By: Michael Thomas | Asked: 09/07/2022
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Michael Thomas asked 2 years ago
Does anyone know if FF have posted a roadmap anywhere? I've been following their updates and before I purchase a new subscription it would be useful to know what their next 12 month plans are.. Cheers M  
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Steve WellsSteve Wells answered 2 years ago

Hi Michael, Having a public roadmap has its pros and cons. At one point in our journey, we had very public facing feature requests, voting, and roadmaps.
We loved having more community input and feedback on feature requests. On the flip side, it was common to have a person point out that a feature they were very interested in has been on the request list for over a year (or two or three) without being added to the plugin. People often felt like any feature important to them should be important to everyone, but that isn't reality. This is the main reason why we now log and track feature requests privately.
Regarding a public roadmap: I totally understand that this would be amazing to have public for the community. The problem is there is no way to make it public to the community without also making it public to our competitors. We don't always want to advertise specifics into what we are doing or working on.
That all being said. I can say that we have some very exciting things in store. We have an awesome dev team on Formidable Forms, so we are able to crank out some really cool stuff regularly. Just look at our changelog for the past year to get an idea of everything that has been added (and this is just core, not existing or additional add-ons).  
We are currently nearing release on outcome quizzes (think buzzfeed or personality type quizzes). We are working on an overhaul of the form styling interface. Google sheets and ACF integrations, PDF templates using views. form builder improvements for buttons/rootlines etc. Improvements to the application shortcuts and adding many more shortcuts. Improved form actions including new form actions to make conditional redirects, success messages, etc easier. And believe me when I say much, much more.  Hope this gives you a little insight into where we are going over the next couple of quarters. Cheers!

Victor Font answered 2 years ago
We wish! As community volunteers with no affiliation to Strategy 11, we're often left in the dark about what's coming in Formidable releases. From time-to-time, someone from the Formidable team will post here about upcoming releases when beta testers are needed, but in general, we don't know what's coming until it's released to the public. That being said, a major thrust for Strategy 11 has been to evolve Formidable into a developers tool of choice for WordPress application development. The addition of the application packager that allows anyone to package and sell their applications on 3rd party sites like Formidable Masterminds is an incredible convenience.
Michael Thomas answered 2 years ago
Thanks Steve, really useful to know B) 

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