frm-stats count not work

By: Massimiliano Mollo | Asked: 05/03/2022
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Massimiliano Mollo asked 2 years ago
i need to see last month record count number,why not work? [frm-stats id=336 type=count 336="-1 month"] [frm-stats id=336 type=total 336="-1 month"]   both not work
Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Is this related to the same question asked here ->

Is field 336 a date field type?

1 Answers
Massimiliano Mollo answered 2 years ago
yes 336 is "formidable ssa appointment field",and data example is 04/05/2022 16:30 (CEST)   html of the appointment field <label for="field_[key]" id="field_[key]_label" class="frm_primary_label">[field_name]         <span class="frm_required" aria-hidden="true">[required_label]</span>     </label>     [input]     [if description]<div class="frm_description" id="frm_desc_field_[key]">[description]</div>[/if description]     [if error]<div class="frm_error" role="alert" id="frm_error_field_[key]">[error]</div>[/if error] </div>
Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

A date field does not include time as an input option. For the shortcode to work, it will truly need to be a date field.

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