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By: Nic Windley | Asked: 07/11/2023
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Nic Windley asked 1 year ago

Hello Community.

Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction please.

An eCom store I'm developing has a lot of product that already has variations and variable pricing based on quantity selected, so it would make sense to use the existing pricing as a base price and add some additional values based on the users configuration of the form on the front end.

I understand that I can get a products price > Add custom WooCommerce forms to products - Formidable Forms

However, this method assumes the price is fixed and does not vary with quantity, which it does in my case.

There is a way of updating the WooCom quantity based on a Forms quantity, using JavaScript/jQuery, as shown here > Use a form field to update woocommerce quantity - Formidable Forms.

As the quantity example is similar to my issue (a values varies and needs updating elsewhere) I therefore assume that I need to adopt a similar approach in order to push the live price changes (based on quantity selected) to the Form for use in calculations.

Would this be correct ?

If so, I have asked a coding question here > CODE to Get & Use WooCommerce variable Pricing in Form - Formidable Forms Community

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